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Katie Seigenthaler and Matt Hayes
The Thomas P. Seigenthaler Fund for
Veronica Strobel-Seigenthaler
and the late Thomas Seigenthaler
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Lisa Seymour
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Nancy and Daniel Streiff
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Sharon and Timothy Ubben
The Urban Family
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David Veeneman
Bobbie and Jeff Vender
Elaine Virant and Paul Farrell
Lori von Kapff
Carla, Mark and Lindsey Vorhees
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Marcella and Nicholas Wahl
The Wainwright Family
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Brian Wanca
Dilnaz and Qaiser Waraich
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Gwynn Wardwell
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Elizabeth Wayne
Kathy and Bryan Weber
Mary and Tim Weilandt
Julia Weilandt
Bridget O. Weir
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Betsy and Mark Westhoff
Whim ‘n Rhythm Acapella of Yale University
Jeanne Whisler
Susan and Robert Whitcomb
Becky and Jim White, Jr.
Diane and Robert White
Lisa and Randy White
Michele and Ray Whittington
Bradley Wiedrich
Christine Wiedrich
Sally and Thomas Wille
Sheila and Pierre Willette
The Wilmette Chamber of Commerce
Justin H. Wilson
Elizabeth Wiltshire and Jacques Gordon
Maisie Wiltshire-Gordon
Debbie Winchester and Bob March
The Winnetka Club
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Winona Corporation ℅ Carrie and Duncan Healy
Sarah Woodburn
Writer’s Theatre
The Wyant Family
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Gwen and Richard Yant
Amy Yassinger
Yellow Bird
Linda and Gary Yonke
Carla Young
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